We’re waiting for a safer Jailbreak and Unlock solution

We’ve had a lot of people ask us to help them with their Jailbreak and Unlock on the newest version of iOS 4.2.1. We do not have a good Jailbreak or Unlock solution for it just yet. We follow the Jailbreak/Unlock scene very closely and understand that there is a makeshift solution in existence, but it’s not something that we’ll be using for our customers.

The current Jailbreak is a tethered solution that just isn’t helpful for most of customers. What is a tethered Jailbreak? Well, it basically comes down to this; you have to re-jailbreak (sort of) your device every time it needs to be rebooted. Your battery dies: plug it in and re-jailbreak. You have to reboot to increase stability: plug it in and re-jailbreak. Someone plays a trick on you and restarts your phone: plug it in and re-jailbreak. It’s just not beneficial to our customers to use this solution as a jailbreak solution.

The new Unlock actually uses iOS 3.2.2 from the iPad and hacks that software into workable solutions on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. So, why won’t we use that? It makes everything think that your device is an iPad instead of an iPhone. The process itself is not for the faint of heart and we definitely don’t recommend going to the Genius Bar with an iPhone that says it’s an iPad.

We’re going to be waiting a little while longer. Several members of the iPhone Dev Team are looking for better solutions. Whether you want to Jailbreak to use third-party software not approved by Apple or Unlock your phone so you can use it with T-Mobile… we don’t recommend any of the current solutions that are available.