Mac OS 10.6.5 update brings Google sync fixes

We’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and feel comfortable saying that all of our issues with Google syncing from 10.6.4 appear to be resolved. We’re not saying that everyone will run perfectly… far from it. We’re saying that Google accounts appear to be working properly with iCal and Address Book from the get-go.

If you’re still having trouble, here are a few tips for calendaring and contacts:

Remove your old Google calendar completely and re-add it as a new account. Make sure you select the “Google” option instead of following the old school CalDAV methodology.

We’re not sure if it’s still happening, but syncing contacts in your Address Book with Google can cause quite the ruckus if you have odd characters within the contact’s name. When we first set up contact sync with Google, every time it sync’d it would duplicate a lot of our contacts. We ultimately tracked it down to couples… we had “Bill & Mary” in the first name field and their last name in the last name field. The ampersand confused sync services and created a new contact each time it sync’d. It may take some time, but create individual records for everyone in your Address Book, make sure there aren’t any extra characters in the name and then sync with Google. At that point, you should have everything good to go.

Using some voodoo, you can actually get your Google account syncing as an exchange account on your iPhone, so all of your contacts sync over the air to Google, your computer and your iOS device. It’s pretty neat. Granted you can accomplish all of that with MobileMe, but we’ve been having a lot of issues with it as of late (the issues seem to be clearing up) … but in the end, the Google solution is free.