Google Voice now porting numbers

Google Voice now porting numbers

Google Voice is a great product that allows you to use a secondary telephone number and forward it to your current phone. It transcribes voicemails, emails you if you miss a call, works for text messaging (not MMS) and allows you to place calls from your computer for free! Starting a Small Business? Just grab a Google Voice number and forward it to your cell phone. You can also call clients from your cell phone by placing the call through Google Voice: it shows up as the GV number on their end.

There are a couple iPhone apps out there that utilize this technology and make the whole process incredibly simple. Believe it or not, we’ve heard varying results from Android users (Android is Google mobile operating system). We’ll cover Google Voice in more detail soon.

The top request for Google Voice has always been number porting. People want to be able to move their number to and from Google. We have some good news: you can now port an existing telephone number to Google Voice for $20. The process is pretty easy. Just follow the instructions Google explained in the video below.

Some people have expressed concern about the process, or don’t actually know how they should be using this service. Porting your existing number will cancel your existing service contract for that line (potentially costing a fee). It gets moved to Google. You should have another phone ready to receive incoming phone calls via Google Voice.

Here’s an example: I keep my personal cell phone number exclusive to friends and family, while I hand out another cell number to anyone else who needs to get ahold of me. I could port that second cell number to Google Voice and have it forward incoming calls to my personal cell. That’s how the porting process is designed to work.

In the video, Google says that you’ll have to cancel your contract and start a new one. Not exactly. If you don’t have another number to which you can forward your Google Voice number, you’d need another voice contract. In my case, I had two cell phones… porting one to Google canceled the secondary line saving money each month. That number now forwards to my primary cell in a way that lets me identify it as my secondary line. I couldn’t be more pleased with the situation. As always, we can help you configure these options, just give us a call!